The Vow by Jessica Martinez

10:24 PM

Pages: 432
Publisher: Simon Pulse
ISBN: 9781442458642
Genre: Young Adult

Review by Geraldine

Synopsis ( No one has ever believed that Mo and Annie are just friends. How can a guy and a girl really be best friends?

Then the summer before senior year, Mo’s father loses his job, and by extension his work visa. Instantly, life for Annie and Mo crumbles. Although Mo has lived in America for most of his life, he’ll be forced to move to Jordan. The prospect of leaving his home is devastating, and returning to a world where he no longer belongs terrifies him.

Desperate to save him, Annie proposes they tell a colossal lie—that they are in love. Mo agrees because marrying Annie is the only way he can stay. Annie just wants to keep her best friend, but what happens when it becomes a choice between saving Mo and her own chance at real love?

My Thoughts (Spoiler-free):

I usually don't read contemporary, because it seems like the plots are all along the same lines. But, after reading the synopsis for The Vow, it came across as something new and exciting; especially when it came to the plot.
I mean having to marry your best friend to have him stay in the U.S is pretty crazy.

I absolutely loved the characters in this book, they were so real and easy to relate to. My favorite character had to be Mo hands down. Mo came off as someone who was really genuine and of course very loyal when it came to his friendship with Annie. You also get a sneak peak into Mo's life and get to see how he felt when he first came to the United States; which wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. I personally think the author did an amazing job when it came to creating Mo's character, because 
Mo and I had very similar situations (I myself came to the United States at a very young age because of my dad's job as well). Therefore, I could completely relate!

Overall, I didn't find anything wrong with this book besides my usual "I wish it was longer" complaint! It was even so addicting that I started and finished it in the same day. It had my attention the whole time, and I seriously could not put it down! Oh and let's not even talk about that ending. The feels, the feels!

If contemporary doesn't fancy you, I still recommend picking this up, because it's unlike any other YA contemporary I've ever read. If you're not much of a reader, yet loved the movie, Like Crazy...I don't know why you're still reading this. Go pick up The Vow now! You won't regret it!

4 stars!

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