False Sight by Dan Krokos

9:31 PM

Pages: 336
Publisher: Hyperion
ISBN: 9781423149859
Genre: Young Adult Sci Fi

Review by Phil

Synopsis (Goodreads.com): All Miranda wants is a normal life. She's determined to move past the horrible truth of her origin as a clone so she can enjoy time with her boyfriend, Peter, and the rest of her friends at school. But Miranda quickly learns that there's no such thing as normal - not for a girl who was raised to be a weapon. When one of her teammates turns rogue, it begins a war that puts the world in jeopardy. Now Miranda must follow her instincts - not her heart - in order to save everything she's fought so hard to keep. with the image of a terrible future seared into her mind, what will she have to sacrifice to protect the people she loves?

Dan Krokos's sequel to the tour de force False Memory is a mind-blowing thriller with high-octane action that will leave readers begging for the final book in this bold and powerful trilogy.

My Thoughts (Spoiler Free)

I read False Memory earlier this year and really enjoyed it. It was probably one of my favorite books all year, so when I saw that the sequel was out, I knew I needed to pick it up. This book was really good, and I did enjoy it a lot, but the main thing I am going to address in this review is that it is VERY different from the first book in the series.

It is extremely hard to do a review of this book because so much happens in the first book that I can't spoil, and so much happens in this book that I can't spoil. The only thing I can really give away is that in False Sight you learn a lot more about the Roses, and the powers that they have. 

Everything you thought was going to happen in this book doesn't happen. I feel like the whole storyline that was set up in the first book was totally disregarded in this book and was switched out for something new.Don't get me wrong Dan Krokos, I really enjoyed this book and what you did with the storyline.  I guess the lesson I learned from this book was to never expect the unexpected, or at least don't expect it with Dan Krokos. I ended up giving this book 4/5 stars!


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