Meeting my Booktube Friends!

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Left-Right: Geraldine, Kristina, Alyssa, Phil. (Ke-sha not pictured)
So many of you probably know that Geraldine and I met online. No, not on, ew Geraldine is like my sister, but rather on Youtube! Geraldine and I are what some would call "Booktubers" aka youtubers that talk about books! As a booktuber you will naturally make friends, so over the course of my 2 years (so weird that I have been tubing for 2 years already) I have made many good friends. It came to the point where we were all tired of seeing each other only on Google+, and we all made the choice to actually meet each other in person. So, Geraldine, Alyssa @ACReads, Kristina @ ThePrincessGummybear,  Ke-sha from @theforsaken707, and I, all met up at Geraldines house this past weekend to attend the Library of Congress' Nation Book Festival!
     Meeting these people was actually amazing. Alyssa was the first one I met, she picked me up at school, and I can't even describe how weird it is meeting someone for the first time that I feel like I have literally known forever. The closest thing I can compare it too is that it was like seeing a relative that you haven't seen in a really long time...or ever, I don't know it was really weird. Things weren't awkward at all though if that is what you were wondering, we all got along great and no one smelled bad (which I can honestly say was my #1 concern).
     The festival itself for me was only OK (BEA has spoiled me), but everyone else really loved it, and just being with my friends was enough for me. The only authors I got to meet were Patrick Ness and Matt De La Pena. Both of them were really nice, and I kind of want to be Patrick Ness, he is like the Tony Stark of authors.
    Things to know if you are ever going to meet another book tuber
#1- You will say you aren't going to spend a lot of money on books, and then end up leaving 15 books richer, and $100 poorer. Its like a bunch of coke addicts encouraging each other to buy more drugs.
#2- If you decide to film videos together, prepare yourself for at least an hour of editing per video. A lot of small talk will occur, and you will need to edit out all of the cursing/laughing/totally getting off topic.
#3- One of you WILL fart at one point during the meet-up, it'll be super awkward the first time, but after the 5th time you guys will be pissing yourself with laughter.
#4- The amount of times you guys will say the phrase "shameful" will literally be shameful.
#5- You will finally be able to talk about your passion for books with people in real life, and it will be amazing.

Meeting my Booktube friends was awesome, and the weekend as a whole was absolutely amazing. But, my favorite part of the weekend was the fact that I don't have to say "internet friends" anymore, because these people are literally my friends now, and I love it.

*Next Jan. we are all going to be attending the Winter ALA in Philadelphia! If you are going to be there let one of us know!

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