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Hey guys, so its already November 3rd and at the moment I have finished 57 books this year! Which is awesome considering my goal last year was 60 and this year is 65, so only 8 more books to go! I'm sure I will go over 65, but if not I need to choose only 8 of my 90+ books that I own and haven't read yet. Its a hard choice to make, but I decided I wanted to just list a few books that I would like to finish before 2014 starts. All books mentioned in this list I own already.

Game of Thrones by George RR Martin

I got this book for Christmas last year and have been putting it off to read for two reasons. One reason is that the book is over 800 pages, and it is a large book with very tiny font. The length of a book can be a huge turnoff, especially if it is the first book in a series. And I know everyone says this series is amazing, but the books are just so long. The second reason is that the next book in the series doesn't come out until 2015, and then the series doesn't end until 2019. So I don't want to start the series too soon, and then have no idea what happened in the books once the last one comes out. I think now would be a good time to start the series, or at least read the first book, and see how that works out for me.

Another one that I received for Christmas last year, I think it is about time that I actually read it. I really don't know the reason why I have been putting this one off for so long, the plot sounds amazing and the second BookRatMisty recommended it on Goodreads I knew I needed to get it. I have this book currently at school with me so hopefully I will be able to pick it up this month and finally read it. It looks like it is going to be amazing.

I won this book in a giveaway in probably March of this year. And I read Legend in Jan. of 2012. So I think it is needless to say that it is about time to read it this. I did really enjoy Legend, so I can't really say why I have put off reading it for so long. Everyone says that Prodigy is as good, if not better, than Legend. So hopefully by the end of the year I will finish this.

Like Prodigy I read  Divergent  in November of 2011, so I really need to read this book by the end of this year, or else I really am going to forget everything that happened in the first book. I liked Divergent, but not nearly as much as other people did. Now that the final book has come out and the movie is coming out soon, I think it is about time to get caught up with the series.

I started this book pretty soon after I finished Beautiful Creatures, but I stopped halfway through because it just wasn't as good as the first. I have heard that this is the worst in the series, so I am going to try to pull through with this one, and finally finish it hopefully. 
Cross your fingers that I finish at least some of these books before the year ends! -Phil

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