Reached (Matched #3) by Ally Condie

7:05 PM

Pages: 512
Genre: Young Adult Dystopian

Review by Phil

Synopsis ( After leaving Society to desperately seek The Rising, and each other, Cassia and Ky have found what they were looking for, but at the cost of losing each other yet again. Cassia is assigned undercover in Central city, Ky outside the borders, an airship pilot with Indie. Xander is a medic, with a secret. All too soon, everything shifts again.

This is a Spoiler-Free Review! Enjoy!

My Thoughts:

So to start of this review I should probably talk about how indifferent I was towards both Matched, and Crossed by Ally Condie. Matched was very boring, and not that much ever really happened, but the writing was good enough for me to give it 4/5 stars on Goodreads. I ended up reading Crossed by default because I was given it as a Christmas gift in 2011. I ended up reading Crossed in a ridiculously short amount of time (I think it was something like two days), but not because I LOVED the story, it was more because I just wanted it to be over, and finally see where the plot of the book was going, long story short, the plot went NOWHERE! Don't get me wrong I still gave it 3/5 stars, but only because it was really well written and such a light read. I ended up pre-ordering Reached, only because I figured I might as well see how this ends. And to be totally honest, I'm pretty glad I read it.

Reached was by FAR, the best book in the Matched series. The writing was very consistent with the first two books, meaning it was phenomenal. The way Condie uses words is really an art, something I think she deeply appreciates, and you can see that in her work. Poetry, art, and story-telling are all major themes in the Matched books, and with the use of them she creates really amazing and intricate metaphors for her characters and their surroundings. I can only imagine how long it took Condie to write this, the care she puts into every page is kind of overwhelming, and this book is over 500 pages long!

The story line was OK, as usual with these books. There seems to be a lot of hype about this series but I am not really sure what for. For the most part this is a typical dystopian YA romance, with no qualities that make it stand out except for its writing. BUT, this storyline was actually a lot more interesting its predecessors. I don't want to give anything away, but trust me, if you read this book you are going to want to find out how it ends, and it ends very well.

I think  the reasons why I didn't entirely love this series is because while it is dystopian, it is mainly romance, which is not my favorite. But after reading all three books I think I can really appreciate the romance that Condie created, and I am kind of sad that I will never read about Cassia, Ky, Xander, and Indie again. Reached was a really good conclusion to this series, and I'm actually very happy I read it, I gave it 4/5 stars on Goodreads.


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